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About Me

Hello and welcome to the Pickleball Pit website! I hope you enjoy it.

Here I wanted to just briefly tell you a bit about me and why I created this website.
In late 2018 some of my friends introduced me to the awesome game of Pickleball. I had played tennis and badminton before. In all honesty I was not very good at badminton due to a knee injury I had suffered in the military. However, I was very good at badminton as the court was smaller. I thought that the required skill level for Pickleball would likely be somewhere in between these two sports, and I’d say I was right.

Not only did Pickleball offer a challenging game, but some of the most fun I had ever had playing a sport in my life. Additionally, it turned out to be great exercise and an enjoyable time with friends each time I played.

However, I wanted to learn more about the game and pick up the rules more quickly. When doing research I only found a few websites even covering the game. I thought to myself that I want to learn more, and when I do I want to become a resource for other new players coming into the game. This is exactly why I created Pickleball Pit!

Enough about me though, I know you’re really here for some great pickleball content. So, if you’re new to the game and want to learn more about the rules that’s probably the best place to get started. If you’re looking to get your own pickleball gear you might want to check out the sets page. Regardless of why you’re here I hope you learned a little more about me and that you truly enjoy and benefit from this website!


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